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Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead, ISBN: 9780760322697

Billy F Gibbons:
Rock + Roll Gearhead

Author: Billy F Gibbons

The ZZ Top frontman offers fans an exclusive look at his multifaceted interests and collections. Gibbons riffs on his childhood and adolescence in Texas, a recording career that has now spanned nearly four decades, and his life on the road, in which he has shared the stage with the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. The Good Reverend also profiles many of his favorite personal artifacts, revealing the tales behind dozens of guitars and outstanding rods, customs, and daily drivers, including Kopperhed, CadZZilla, and the Eliminator coupe.

Hardback, 10-1/2x 12, 192 pages, 175 Colour & 25 B/W Photos