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The Original Wild Ones: Boozefighter MC Hollister, Author: Bill Hayes, Outlaw Biker Hollister, ISBN: 9780760321935

The Original Wild Ones: Boozefighter MC Hollister

Hollister California 1947 a Now-Legendary Event

Author: Bill Hayes

The seminal event in "outlaw biker" culture was a 1947 weekend in Hollister, California. Motorcyclists, including members of the Boozefighters club, engaged in street racing and other raucous activities. A sensationalized report of the event ran in LIFE magazine, along with frightening (albeit posed) photos of the outlaws. Was the event (later portrayed in Marlon BrandoÍs The Wild One) as wild as reported? Or, in truth, was it even wilder? The answer is found in this book filled with first-person accounts from past and present members of the Boozefighters and others on the scene. This is gripping narrative of a now-legendary event. ItÍs a true story that is more interesting than the caricatured outlaw legend that has grown up around the name Hollister.

Hardback, 155 x 225mm, 256 pages