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American Muscle Cars 2012, Detroit muscle cars, AMC Javelin, Chevrolet Camaro SS Nova, Chrysler Super Bee, Dodge Challenger Charger Dodge Coronet RT, Ford Mustang Boss Mach 1, Hemi Cuda, Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty ISBN: 9780760340837

American Muscle Cars 2012

Genuine Official Licensed Product

By: Peter Harholdt

American Muscle Cars 2012 is the ultimate collection of Detroit muscle. Featuring studio portraits of the hottest hardware from the 1960s and 1970s, legendary photographer Peter Harholdt has captured each car in vivid color. GM, Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler are all represented in this 12-month, 12x12-inch celebration of horsepower.

Format: Wall Calendar - Pages: 12 - Color Photos: 36 Wall Length: 300 x 300, Edition: First