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Art of the Hot Rod

'32 Ford Deuce

Author: Tony Thacker

In 1931, Henry Ford announced that his company would produce an eight-cylinder car, if only because its competitors were building fours and sixes. The result, introduced in 1932, was Ford Motor CompanyÍs first V8-powered car. The ñDeuceî was a design and technological milestone that would become the quintessential hot rod platform.

Arriving just in time for the DeuceÍs 75th anniversary, this complete authoritative and illustrated history looks at every facet of the DeuceÍs story: factors leading to its design, how it was manufactured and sold, the development of the now-legendary flathead engine, and motorsport exploits around the globe.

And, of course, there are the hot rods: the 75 most influential Í32-based hot rods as chosen by a whoÍs who of the hot rod community. From the pacesetting Doane Spence roadster to Chili CatalloÍs LilÍ Deuce Coupe, the American Graffiti coupe, and the cars of such hot rodding legends as Gray Baskerville, Ray Brown, Boyd Coddington, Ak Miller, and Veda Orr„each of the 75 vehicles gets its own spread, with rare and famous photographs and detailed descriptions of the carÍs history, mechanics, and design.

Produced in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, this spectacular book, for vintage-car enthusiasts and hot rodders alike, also includes a foreword by Edsel B. Ford II, grandson of the DeuceÍs principle stylist. Publisher's Note: In 2007, Ford Motor Company will launch a yearlong tour of the "75 Most Significant Deuce Hot Rods" that will display several of the cars - some are still missing - at shows and events across the U.S.

Hardbound, 324 pages, 250 color & 200 B/W Photos

Size: 10.875 x 12.25 inches