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Hot Rod:The Photography of Peter Vincent

Hot Rod:The Photography of Peter Vincent

Author: Peter Vincent

Aesthetics are at the core of hot rodding. And nothing captures the visual essence of the hot rod like Peter Vincent's photography. In brilliant color and fully-saturated black-and-white photography, Vincent captures America's most essential hot rods, hot rodders, and racers in dramatic settings such as the Bonneville Salt Flats and Californias dry lakes - the places from which hot rodders have always drawn inspiration. Throughout the book, Vincent tells the story of hot rodding through interviews with the originators of the culture, land speed racers, and the new generation of hot rodders who are keeping alive the aesthetic sensibility of hot rodding.

About the Author

From the salt flats of Bonneville to the endless variety of dry lakes and drag strips that dot the American landscape, photographer Peter Vincent magnificently reveals the pure artistry of the cars themselves. Inspired by early associations with Ansel Adams and others, Peters amazing images have appeared in popular enthusiast publications since the 1980s, including Rodders Journal, Street Rodder magazine, Hop Up, and in his best-selling book Hot Rod, An American Original in 2001. In addition, Peters works have been exhibited in museums and galleries from New York to San Francisco. Vincent lives in Moscow, Idaho.

Hardcover - 10-1/2" x 12" - 256 pp - 240 colour, b/w