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Hot Rod Pin-ups

Hot Rod Pin-Ups II

Gearhead Girls and Dragstrip Dolls

Author: David Perry

Following on the success of his 2005 bestseller Hot Rod Pin-ups, ace photographer David Perry offers an all-new collection of images winningly riffing on the timeless theme of girls 'n' cars„specifically, girls 'n' hot rods. In the garage, on the road, at the race, these sumptuous pictures by the acknowledged master of contemporary hot rod pin-up photography recall classic 1950s illustrators like Vargas and Elvgren. But the beauties in Perry's photographs have been transported to--and, it seems, transported by--the cluttered chop shops, deafening drag strips, and dusty highways that hot rods call home. Sharing top billing are the cars of many of today's top builders, as well as painstakingly perfect wardrobes and settings. Essays by male and female stars of the hot rod world round out this delightful book.

Hardbound, 144 pages, 75 color & 25 B/W Photos

Size: 11.25w x 9.50h