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Old School Hot Rods Chevrolet Coupe Ford Deuce Pontiac Item:145369 ISBN: 9780896892453

Old School Hot Rods

Radical Rides That Stand the Test of Time

Author: Alan Mayes

Old school Hot Rods delivers everything grease-under-the-fingernails hot rod builder, and fans of the rebellious and unconventional love! With 24 different hot rods built in "old school" style, an overview of the early history of hot rodding, and 200 photos of these stripped down and hopped up cars, readers can't help but be inspired! This innovative guide: *Features 14 hot rods built more than 40 years ago and still tearing up the pavement, including the Golden Nugget built in 1952 *Offers hot rod enthusiasts advice on what to look for when choosing a hot rod builder *Inspires readers to discover the timeless design of old school hot rods for themselves.

Softbound, 176 pages, Illustrations: color throughout, Size: 8.0 x 10.5