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The Brawn Story, Formula 1, Grand Prix 2009, Brawn-Mercedes, Ross Brawn, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello

The Brawn Story

The man and the team that turned Formula 1 upside-down

By: Christopher Hilton

In December 2008 Honda suddenly announced they were withdrawing from Grand Prix racing. The team faced oblivion, but their master on-track strategist, Ross Brawn, used all his tactical skills to put together a management buy-out - and Honda became Brawn. The team worked feverishly to fit Mercedes engines into the car and, with very little time to test it, took it to the season's opener in Australia - and Jenson Button, their driver who'd waited a decade for a real chance, won like a champion. Button won five of the next six races, too, and he and Brawn bestrode Formula 1 in a way never seen before.

This is the full story of Brawn - the man, his team and their season.

Hardback, 234 x 156mm, 256 pages, 28 colour illustrations