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Ferrari Grand Prix Moments

Formula One Photographs 1954-1965

By: Jesse Alexander

Foreword: Phil Hill

Legendary photographer Jesse Alexander produced some of his most indelible Ferrari images between 1954 and 1965. He enjoyed friendships with team drivers and fellow Americans Phil Hill, Dan Gurney, and Richie Ginther, and those close relationships led to a warm acceptance by the people of Ferrari that is reflected by the intimacy and access shown in Alexander's photographs.

Here you will see Ferrari himself supervising winter tests of his brand-new, still-to-be-painted GP cars at Fiorano; road cars being assembled alongside competition cars, and vivid racing action and evocative portraits. Best known for his black and white work, Alexander's early colour work is also featured.

Hardback, 280 x 230mm, 96 pages, 100 b&w illustrations.