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MotoGP Season Review 2008, Commentator Julian Ryder, MotoGP Expert Neil Spalding, Ducati MotoGp, Suzuki MotGp, Kawasaki MotoGP, Yamaha MotoGP, Honda MotoGP 2008

MotoGP Season Review 2008 - Officially Licensed

By: Julian Ryder

Now firmly established in its fifth year of publication, the MotoGP Season Review 2008 is essential reading for every fan of motorcycle racing. The BBC's coverage of MotoGP has brought the sport to a wider audience, British Eurosport shows qualifying and the races live, and viewing figures and track attendances are rocketing. Packed with fine writing and great photographs, and fronted by TV's top MotoGP commentator, Julian Ryder, the Review details the entire 2008 season with all the behind-the-scenes insight expected of an official book.

'A well written and comprehensive overview of the 2008 season' Bike

'Stunning pictures' Bike Sport News

Hardback, 300 x 230mm, 216 pages, 250 colour illustrations