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MotoGP Season Review 2010, Commentator Julian Ryder, @MotoGPJules, Neil Spalding,  @spalders, Ducati MotoGp, Suzuki MotGp, Kawasaki MotoGP, Yamaha MotoGP, Honda MotoGP ISBN: 9780857330000

MotoGP Season Review 2010

Officially Licensed

By: Julian Ryder

Now firmly established in its seventh year of publication, the MotoGP Season Review 2010 - in the shops just two weeks after the last Grand Prix - is a must-have Christmas purchase for every fan of motorcycle racing. Valentino Rossi resumes his battle for the World Championship against established rivals Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner, along with several talented newcomers. Edited by TV commentator Julian Ryder, the book also includes expert contributions on the technical side from Neil Spalding and stunning photography by Andrew Northcott. The supporting categories are also covered, and clearly presented statistics provide a comprehensive reference source for the future.

Hardback, 300 x 230mm, 216 pages, 250 colour illustrations