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MotoGP Source Book, World Championship motorcycle racing, Commentator Julian Ryder, Ducati MotoGp, Valentino Rossi, Suzuki MotGp, Kawasaki MotoGP, Yamaha MotoGP, Honda MotoGP

MotoGP Source Book

By: Julian Ryder & Martin Raines

Officially licensed and published in the 60th anniversary year of World Championship motorcycle racing, this book presents a fact-packed and statistics-laden year-by-year history, concentrating on the premier class (500cc, then MotoGP) but not forgetting the other categories along the way. Beautifully illustrated and designed, written by acknowledged experts and featuring extensive data compiled by MotoGP's official statistician - all these elements combine to create a history book with a difference.

  • Where & when did the fastest Grand Prix ever take place and who won it?
  • Who is the most successful racer ever and how many races did he win?
  • Who are the oldest riders to win a World Championship and a Grand Prix?
  • How many Grands Prix did Valentino Rossi's Dad win?

All These Questions, And Thousands Of Others, Are Answered In The MotoGP Source Book. The Ultimate Reference Book For Motorcycle Racing Fans.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 256 pages, 90 colour & 30 b&w illustrations