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Superbike 2008/2009, World Superbikes Championship, Supersport, Superstock 1000, Superstock 600, Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts Senior, Nicky Hayden, Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi, Ducati, Bimota, Yamha R1, Suszki WSB, Honda WSB

Superbike 2008/2009

The Official Superbike World Championship Book

By: Claudio Porrozzi & Fabrizio Porrozzi

The official Superbike World Championship book has always tried to transmit this important fact through its pictures. From the 2008 edition, that message is further developed and goes even deeper into the technical aspects of the sport, so extremely interesting to the most competent fans. But as well as the bikes, the men of the category are able to maintain close contact with their public. That is why champions and their colleagues recount their human side as well as their sports career, aspects to which ample space has been given in the Superbike annual. There is no lack of chapters devoted to other categories (Supersport, Superstock 1000, Superstock 600), which complete the world championship programme. All highlighted by the most spectacular pictures of the season.

Hardback, 243 x 270mm, 192 pages, 160 colour illustrations