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Performance Riding Techniques, The MotoGP Manual of Track Riding Skills, guide to motorcycle racing techniques, Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts Senior, Nicky Hayden, Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi, Ducati MotoGp, Suzuki MotGp, Kawasaki MotoGP, Yamaha MotoGP, Honda MotoGP, Manx Norton, Norton Featherbed, Laverda GP

Performance Riding Techniques

The MotoGP Manual of Track Riding Skills

By: Andy Ibbott

Foreword: Keith Code

An official MotoGP book, the second edition of this practical guide to motorcycle racing technique, aimed at racing and track day enthusiasts at all levels, has been expanded to include extra information as well as many new photographs and up-to-date quotes from today's MotoGP stars. From starting and accelerating to braking, cornering, overtaking and even crashing, this book combines expert guidance from an experienced coach with advice and anecdotes from top riders. This is the authoritative guide to improving your racing technique and performance on the track.

Written by a professional riding coach, Performance Riding Techniques reveals the techniques that the stars have discovered and applied to their own competitive riding. This 2nd edition has been expanded to include extra information as well as many new photographs.

Information is distilled to provide practical instruction of benefit to anyone who rides a bike on a track. If you want to learn how top racers can brake so late, how they can slide the rear wheel of their bikes so gracefully and effectively, how they can lean their bikes over so far and still stay on board, then Performance Riding Techniques (2nd Edition) will help you.

Performance Riding Techniques (2nd Edition) is a book of riding knowledge from the greatest motorcycle racers in the world, riding the best bikes in the world on the greatest race tracks in the world. Much of the guidance is a case of fine detail because in their world even the tiniest piece of information or subtlety of application can make a big difference to their lap times.

If we cannot learn from these riding gods, then who can educate us? Take a look to see what you can learn about your own riding and how you can improve it.

  • Expert advice from an experienced motorcycle racing coach.
  • Preparation and qualifying - the essential ingredient to winning.
  • Starting, accelerating and braking - perfecting your efforts.
  • Cornering, steering and sliding - increasing your skill levels.
  • Conserving - riding only fast enough to win.
  • Crashing - minimising the risks.
  • Outwitting, overtaking and winning - get to the top of the rostrum and stay there.
  • Climate control - special techniques for extremes of heat, cold and wet.
  • Anecdotes and advice from top riders.

Author: Andy Ibbott is an experienced journalist and former road test editor of Motor Cycle News. He was the first British coach employed in the UK by the California Superbike School, which has expanded all over the world and now operates motorcycling courses at Silverstone and Rockingham. He coaches Tom Luthi, who became 125cc World Champion in 2005.

"Andy Ibbott has more experience training riders than anyone else in Europe by a factor of thousands... His words contain some solid understanding of what it takes to make the bike cooperate with a rider." Keith Code Author of A Twist of the Wrist

"This book will enlighten you and enable you to achieve significant improvements in your own riding" Used Bike Guide

As advertised in TWO & Ride

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 184 pages, 244 colour illustrations