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Haynes Classic Car Book

The Classic Car Book

The essential guide to buying, owning, enjoying and maintaining a classic car

By: Andrew Noakes

The classic car scene is flourishing, and many owners are now running classics as everyday cars. This extensively illustrated book provides the reader with all the information needed to choose, run and maintain a practical classic car, whether the owner is fanatical about preserving originality, or wishes to modernise a classic to improve reliability and practicality. Essential reading for anyone contemplating ownership of their first classic car, and for existing owners who wish to maximise their enjoyment of the classic car scene.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 176 pages, 300 colour illustrations

"Whatever stage of classic ownership you're at, you'll find something of interest." Classic Cars

"Andrew Noakes offers sound, useful advice on choosing a classic, examining potential purchases and living with the car you buy" Classics Monthly