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Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book: 2nd Edition, Cadillac V8 Engines, Chevrolet V8, Chrysler Dodge V8, Ford V8 Engine Guide

Ultimate American
V-8 Engine Data Book:
2nd Edition

Author: Peter Sessler

American performance and the V-8 engine are inextricably linked. Ever since the first mass-produced automobile V-8 was introduced by Cadillac in 1914, the V-8 has been the engine of choice for America's most powerful vehicles„race cars, luxury cruisers, pick-up trucks, and SUVs. And every V-8 ever produced in the U.S. is covered in this exhaustive guide, which presents complete listings of V-8 specifications through the 2009 model year. Each listing provides general specs for the engine, as well as part numbers for basic engine components„for vehicles from that first Cadillac to the latest star of NASCAR. The book includes details on displacement, horsepower, torque, carburetion and fuel injection, compression ratio, internal dimensions, and virtually every other specification of value to collectors, mechanics and builders, and enthusiasts.

  • Engine Identification Codes
  • Component Casting Codes
  • Internal Dimensions & Specifications
  • Power & Torque Ratings

Softbound, 240 Pages, 270 x 210mm.