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The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair, How to Restore Car Bodywork, Classic Car Restoration Manual

The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair

Author: Dennis W. Parks

Whether from hailstorms, parking lots, or plain bad judgment, everybody needs to know how to repair automotive bodywork at some point during their car-owning years. The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair provides all the information youll need to deal with any bumps, bangs, and bruises your car encounters. From tools to materials to techniques, this book takes the reader all the way through the process. Beginning with creating a strategy, then moving through disassembly, repair, reassembly, and preparing the surface for paint, author Dennis W. Parks shows how to repair damage from collisions, neglect, and rust.

  • Tips & Tecniques From The Pros
  • Panel Repair & Replacement
  • Dealing With Rust
  • Perfecting Panel Alignment
  • Paint Preparation

Softbound, 192 pages, 270 x 210mm