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Original Mustang 1967 - 1970

Original Mustang 1967 - 1970

The Restorer's Guide

Author: Colin Date

The 1967 model year saw the first of Mustangs major redesigns - and keeping up with the changes to this car at the forefront of the ponycar revolution can test even the most experienced restorer. This fully illustrated, highly detailed restoration guide illustrates how to make your Mustang as original as it can be. With extensive color photographs, this book provides factory correct information from start to finish for every Mustang produced from 1967 to 1970. All the data on the original cars - production runs, serial and engine numbers, paint codes, trim, options, and technical tips - make this guide a must for the do-it-yourself restorer. An invaluable resource for the collector keen to know exactly what a particular model looked like when it rolled off the assembly line.

Hardbound, 290 x 220mm, 128 pages, 241 Color Photos