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Original Pontiac Firebird & Trans Am 1967-2002

Original Pontiac Firebird & Trans Am 1967-2002

The Restorer's Guide

Author: Jim Schild

Following Ford and Chevrolet, Pontiac entered the pony car market in 1967 and came up with one of the best and most successful muscle cars ever produced. Though based on the Camaro chassis, the Firebird offered unique features and high performance, and over its nearly 40 years of production it continued to wow drivers--as it does today. This book details the Firebirds long and illustrious career. With high-quality, detailed color photographs of some of the finer models--both originals and faithful restorations--the book is at once a unique history and a restoration guide to all four generations of the Firebird. Pictures and text profile the correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for various models. The book also covers the vehicles wide variety of engine options, along with all special editions and model variations from the Firebirds introduction in 1967 to the final model in 2002.

Hardbound, 290 x 220mm, 192 pages, 429 Color Photos