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Wheel and Tire Performance Handbook

Wheel & Tire Performance Handbook

Author: Richard Newton

Drivers buy more wheels and tires for their cars and trucks than any other aftermarket accessory. This book is a comprehensive source for wheel and tire information. Whether you want to know how your wheels and tires actually work and how they affect vehicle performance, or whether you just need advice as to what best suits your vehicle, this book provides the information you are looking for.

This book covers daily use and competition cars and trucks, including off-road, circle track, drag, autocross, rally, and show vehicles

Beginning with a chapter on vehicle dynamics, with explanations of center of gravity, slip angle, yaw, roll, and pitch. Author Richard Newton then moves on to general information about tires and wheels--from materials and construction to use and maintenance. He also explores how this general information applies to specific types of vehicles, using pertinent examples throughout.

Softbound, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages.