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Range Rover Restoration Manual

Range Rover Restoration Manual

By: Dave Pollard

From upmarket Land Rover to art exhibit in the Louvre, storming off-roader to luxury transport, the Range Rover has done it all. It inspired a new breed of 'leisure' vehicles, and paved the way for RoverÍs return to the USA. The basic profile barely changed during 26 years of production, keeping models of all years popular, and its strength, bolt-together structure and availability of spare parts make it the ideal vehicle to acquire and restore.

'this book will definitely help you out' Practical Classics

'has already come in useful for our ex-Paris-Dakar rebuild project' 4 x 4 enthusiast

'should be a vital part of the toolkit' Classic Car Weekly

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 216 pages, Over 900 illustrations