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Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual Covers: headlinings; how to make & fit new carpets; How to make interior trim panels, how to make new soft-tops, How to install a sun roof.

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

By: Kim Henson

This well-illustrated book, although aimed primarily at the owners of classic cars, provides the tricks of the trade to enable the interior of a car of any age to be successfully renovated. It includes cleaning and restoration techniques for renovating soiled but sound interiors; how to strip a car interior for complete renovation; guidance on dismantling, repairing and re-upholstering seats; the secrets of producing new headlinings; the making and fitting of new carpets; the fabrication of replacement trim panels; and how to make new soft-tops and install a sun roof.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 192 pages, 689 illustrations