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Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Restoration Manual

Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Restoration Manual

By: Lindsay Porter

The VW Golf hatchback, introduced in 1974, soon became one of the worldÍs most popular cars. Its reliability and longevity has ensured that the car continues in production to the present day. The GTi has become a modern-day 'classic' while the Jetta, primarily a Golf with a boot, is particularly popular in the USA. Lindsay Porter tells you what to look for when buying an older car and how to bring it back to first-class condition. Covers Golf Marks 1 and 2 (petrol), GTi 1600 and 1800, Jetta and Rabbit (USA) but excludes 4wd and diesel models.

'as comprehensive as you are likely to need' Classic Car Mart

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 256 pages, 1273 illustrations